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SAS automate the production of their Suspended Ceiling Systems with Autodesk Inventor

SAS International is currently in the midst of huge change. A small team from across the company have been developing an Automated Drawing System for over a year in conjunction with Bridgend based company Envisage UK Ltd.

This new automated drawing system works by using pre-defined 3D/2D CAD Template folders of each system tile variant. Automated drawings are produced by configuring a generic input sheet and running Inventor automatically via an additional program, supplied by Envisage.

All output drawings/files (including all relevant factory drawings/CNC files) are created automatically. The whole process usually takes a matter of minutes. Inventor has proved a useful addition to other departments within SAS International, such as Factory Engineering Planning and Project Management.

Current development will expand the use of these template folders to more SAS Systems/products. Other SAS manufacturing sites and departments will have more involvement with the project in the future. It is hoped that the
system will continue to be developed to integrate with Syteline MRP in the future.


"I believe the introduction of the new automated drawing system has helped SAS International improve the efficiency of drawing production and reduce lead-time. Multiple customer and engineering drawings can now be produced simply by configuring a generic input sheet and running Inventor automatically."


"This automation of our Inventor CAD software has resulted in reduced drawing time and improved CAD data integrity between our Head Office and Manufacturing Sites, reducing the chances of error. The first family of products has proved successfuland we look forward to developing it further with Envisage."

Jonathan Thurlbourne - Design Technician - SAS International


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