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Brick Fabrications Ltd Case Study


Brick Fabrication Limited is a leading manufacturer of brick related prefabricated products, such as brick arches and chimneys, for the UK house building industry. The customer base is ‘blue chip’ being all of the major house builders as well as regional builders.

Whilst all of the products have always been manufactured in house, the design work and CAD was sub contracted. The decision to bring this design work in house was somewhat forced on the company by the CAD consultant giving notice that he wished to retire.

To help choose a CAD package and supplier, a list of requirements was drawn up and the market reviewed against this list. The choice was influenced by several factors and finally Autocad Inventor 2009 software was decided on, and the supplier was Envisage UK Ltd in Bridgend, South Wales.


“The speed with which Envisage took the brief, understood the requirement and responded was very impressive” said John White, Director of Brick Fabrication Ltd. “As it was our first move into CAD; we needed a fair bit of advice and hand holding. It is a big decision for any company and we wanted to make sure we got it right first time. Envisage UK quickly built our trust and this led us to take their advice and go straight for a 3D package rather than start with 2D, despite what seemed like a significant additional cost. With the benefit of hindsight it was the best decision we made!”


The pay back on our investment has been just a few months, much quicker than we had anticipated. The introduction of Autodesk Inventor has also led to a significant culture shift in the business and we just can’t imagine working without it.”


All this at a time when the construction industry is in recession, means that something is working for those companies that are prepared to invest in the future.


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